Friday, 24 May 2013

The Great Gatsby

Now obviously this is a fashion blog not a film review site, but I recently went to see the massive blockbuster that is the Great Gatsby, having (very ashamedly) not read the book, I went to see the film with a completely open mind. Obviously I have seen the trailers and the completely effortless style that it has was what originally attracted me to it, however that was as far as it went for me, style in it's most extravagant and fabulous form but that was it, no real content just style. I felt like the build up to the finale lasted almost the whole film, which unfortunately meant that the climax was not as brilliant as expected. But the fashion, oh wow it was exactly how I pictured the 1920s and much more, the sparkle of Carey Mulligan's costumes were just fab even the crazy harletish outfits that Isla Fisher was wearing were so representative of the view of poor women at the time and they looked so much fun to wear!

This was my favourite look of the film

A couple more of Carey's best

The whole cast looking fabulous

I absolutely loved this head piece worn by Elizabeth Debicki 

Friday, 17 May 2013

The Cannes Film Festival

Every year the looks from the Cannes film festival never disappoint, and it's mostly the same young and beautiful that always get it right, this year black and white seemed to be the theme. A lot of very glamourous people in very subtle colours, some of the photos by are absolutely beautiful.

Cara DeLevingne is looking sultry in this lace dress at the Great Gatsby premier 

Lana Del Rey yet again smashes it with this beautiful fishtail dress at the premier of the Great Gatsby, which features her new song "Young and Beautiful" 

Emma Watson is effortless in this monochrome Chanel couture at the premier of The Bling Ring

Sunday, 12 May 2013

bye bye platforms

I've been waiting to see how this trend has panned out on the red carpet and at the shows, but it seems to be that the heinously high platforms are no more. I am a little sad about this as I love a good power shoe that you can really strut in but I think elegance is the new power, this has been proven by the sell out pointed mid heels by Louboutin, the classic power heel. Also the beautiful Chanel heels at their Singapore show, these shoes are the epitome of female grace, very similar to the shoes of the 1940's so very glamorous vintage.