Monday, 2 September 2013

Crazy for Cara

I'm sure most of you have heard by now that the model of the moment Cara Delevingne has decided to retire from modelling. This is very sad news seeing as she is at the peak of her career, however it has been reported that she wants to pursue her passions for music and film. I know everyone remembers when Cara got slammed for jumping on stage with her friend Rita Ora and dirty dancing her way around the stage at the DKNY party in June, attempting to show off her vocal talent. Since then there have been various videos uploaded of her singing and it seems to be the general consensus that she is actually pretty good. She has always been very musical, she can play various instruments but mainly focuses on the guitar and drums.
As for acting she recently showed up in Keira Knightly's latest period drama film, Anna Karenina as the young but beautiful Princess Sorokina. It was a small part but she is hoping that it will her foot in all the right doors and open up her career in acting. 
So it seems like Miss Delevingne has got a lot on her plate for the next few years, but for now let us reminisce over her fabulous modelling career. 

Jewellery Photoshoot

Okay so one of my friends from uni who is also from Derby, is a photographer for a jewellers called CW Sellors (she also does weddings and portraits) and she asked me if i would pose for some photos whilst wearing the jewellery for her. We had a lovely day out in the derbyshire dales taking these photos and the locations were amazing! 

These cross heart pendants are only sold at this specific jewellers