Wednesday, 17 July 2013


One trend that I am absolutely loving this summer is snakeskin, its one of the only animal print that never really looks tacky, unlike leopard print or zebra print. Obviously it's something thats quiet difficult to pull of when it comes to clothing but in my opinion leopard print accessories is where its at! I just made a couple of excellent purchases from H&M (as you often do in there) 

The bag was £7.99 and the shoes were in the sale for just £10! When I last went out I paired this with a Barry M nail polish that you can see, I think the colour is called mushroom and a black t shirt dress from River Island. Plus I love that they are court shoes, so comfy!

My Month in India

So I've been back from India for a few days now. I had an amazing experience and I'd id like to share some of my photos and stories with you lot!
We started with a week in Mumbai, its a crazy place, if you think London is the busiest place you've seen, well imagine that times by about 20 and thats what Mumbai is like. Every street is filled with people, whether they be shop keepers or street sellers, its always bustling. But the thing about Mumbai is that it is a mess. It's a shame to say that it is so dirty and unkept that parts of it actually look like a bomb has hit and no one has bothered to clean up. However it is also the most diverse city in the world when it comes to wealth, you will have a giant modern structure like a shopping centre right next to a row of tin can "houses". Without a doubt one of the craziest living environments you will ever see. 
Rajasthan was very different, a dry sticky heat, full of massive monuments and unbuilt houses in derelict villages. Its a religious place, its difficult to be around because you always have to think about what you're wearing, what you say and where you go. But it is amazing, everyday is an experience and you see some beautiful things! 
We went to a lot of textile manufacturers in Rajasthan, they are wholesalers that provide cheap fabric to lots of other countries and stores in and out of India. We met a man who supplied bed covers to Monsoon, for a buyer in training it was brilliant to see where your clothes are actually made and to meet suppliers that I could be liaising with in the future. I bought a beautiful elephant embroidered wall hanging that was handmade for only £25 when they sell in England for over one hundred. It was so cool!