Thursday, 30 August 2012

Topshop Vogue Event

Sorry it has taken me so long to report back after the event, it's been a busy few days, but now i have a MacBook i will be writing a lot more! On the day of the event i decided to go full floral with my trousers and floaty subtle floral t shirt and my oversized blazer.
The event was held upstairs in the Arndale Topshop, a line started to form at 6pm so they told us to go and reserve the items we wanted to buy for 20% off, these were the pieces i bought:

i love the jumper, i bought it in a slightly bigger size to fit with the oversized trend and the dress has a low cut back that makes it a bit sexier. 

So after we reserved our items people lined up to get complimentary make overs and manicures and then took their seats for the talk which was given by the retail editor at Vogue magazine who was dressed in an army jacket and a jumper, she then proceeded to talk about current trends whilst we sip champagne served by very good looking waiters. Started off talking about the floral trend

She went through the rail of clothes she picked out from the store matching them to the trends that vogue had picked out in their August edition, such as oversized, military and heritage. She explained how Topshop had adapted their style to the current trends, she showed matching florals and a floral blazer. 

Over all the event was informative and very well organised with a sophisticated and stylish feel, all the staff were friendly and the makeup artists were very professional. 

Saturday, 18 August 2012

Pick of the Week: Metallics

I have decided to start choosing my favourite's from the new in section on the Topshop website, the first port of call for new trends, and this week it seems to feature a lot of metallics. Subtle metallic finishes to clothes make the trend more wearable, as seen in my picks.

 The trousers and shorts would go great with the shoes and a loose white vest top or shirt to make the look smart, the dress would go great with metallic jewellery and the boots that were featured in my last post, also from Topshop. The top would stand out with some black disco pants or wet look leggings and the shoes. The shoes are a wardrobe essential and stay on trend forever.

Friday, 17 August 2012

16th of August: Craziest Day This Year

So as I said in one of my previous posts, yesterday was results day! It was literally the most terrifying day of my life, 2 years leading up to this one day, all the effort and hard work that goes into exams and it was finally judgement day. We could turn up to school from half 7, so naturally everyone rushed to find out their fate, I was already convinced that I wouldn't be accepted, fully expecting my grades to read CCD not allowing me to study at Manchester Metropolitan, so I cried even before I opened them (pathetic I know) but I decided not to open them in front of my friends, so I got in Calum's car with my results, still terrified! I thought it would be a good idea to check my emails just in case they had accepted me, so I could know finally, and when I opened my phone, I received this text message:

I have ever felt so relieved in my whole life! So I opened my results to find I had achieved CCC which wasn't bad but it got me in anyway! So I will be studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising in September!

We all went out to celebrate our results that night, this is what I wore:

Pink babydoll dress from Topshop, two summers ago and my brand new boots from Topshop, only £45 real leather! They are a must have and so comfortable!

After the crazy day I had, Calum said he had a surprise for me today and that I needed to be in to answer the door, so this morning these arrived:

He has been brilliant these last couple of days and this was just perfect, I love Lillies and Roses and today I am completely happy! 

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Vogue Topshop Event

I am so excited! In vogue about two months ago, there was an advert for a Topshop event where he general public can preview the Autumn/ Winter collection before it appears in store! So naturally I e-mailed them straight away and managed to get a ticket for the event held in Manchester.
As some of you may know, I have applied to study fashion buying at Manchester Metropolitan University, so the idea is that if I get in(results day is tomorrow, ahhhhhh) then I will also be looking for a job and this would be the perfect opportunity.
The event is on the 22nd of August and guests receive champagne and canapes, make overs and manicures, there will be a live DJ and 20% off all shopping! I am ridiculously excited and can't wait to blog about it afterwards!

This is my ticket!

Monday, 13 August 2012

Bloodstock Open Air Festival

Okay so looking at the title of this post, most of you wouldn't have a clue what this is, well Bloodstock is a heavy metal festival that is held near Alrewas in Derbyshire. I know, heavy metal isn't exactly "chic" however I didn't go for the music, I went to work behind the bar in the VIP section with one of my friends. We got the job through the restaurant we work for, who run the VIP section at this festival.

But it ended up being really fun and also a good way to observe Gothic fashion where it all originated from, for this particular group of people their music is there life, they live for it, they dress for it, they die their hair for it. It is a complete lifestyle choice. And some of the things they were wearing was outrageous! But brilliant, women in head to toe leather, we have the rock community to thank for inspiring leather in fashion. The current trend of studded clothing also originated from rock and metal, I think everyone there was wearing at least one thing covered in studs!

Before I went to this festival I did have preconceived ideas about the people I would be serving, but it turns out that heavy metal followers are some of the nicest people you will ever meet! They were chatty and friendly and generous tippers! So all in all even though we worked nearly 30 hours in one weekend, it was actually quite a fun experience and I would definitely do it again next year!

This is me and Shannen behind the bar in our staff T-shirts, both of the shorts we are wearing were from topshop. Rock on.

Sunday, 5 August 2012

Party Wear

Last night was my best friend's 18th birthday party at The Courtyard in Derby, I'm on a bit of a tight budget at the minute as i just bought her a £50 tattoo so I couldn't really afford a new dress for this party, but like any other girl I really hate re-wearing outfits, so I raided my friend Jessie's wardrobe and this was the result.

This nude lace number was bought for Halloween costume (red Indian or something like that) and never worn again, so with a brown belt and my amazing heelless shoes from Chockers, (£40 as I can't afford Jeffery Campbell's) and pink lipstick, it made quite the party outfit and everyone was asking where my dress was from. Just shows what you can do with something from the bottom of your wardrobe!   

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Summer Leather and Winter Florals


Summer Leather

There has been a lot of talk of celebrities in LA wearing leather in the summer, now obviously in LA the weather actually is hot, unlike the weather in england, so for us wearing leather now is a lot more acceptable.

This is me in a pair of vintage leather shorts, bought from COW in Birmingham about a year ago and a Topshop cropped jumper. Now the weather is a lot cooler, it is a perfect time to wear the A/W trend of black leather and still be able to call it "Summer Leather". This outfit would be perfect with a pair of black heeled Chelsea boots and some light jewellery. It would also look good with tights for the colder days and into winter.

Winter Florals

Another A/W trend is winter florals, I hate to be one of those people who has resided to the fact that we aren't going to get a real summer in England but at least this way you can update your wardrobe early!

Everybody loves a floral shirt, especially since they are so easy to wear and that trend is going to carry on into winter, with a deeper colour twist. This is me in a shirt from Pull&Bear in London, this shirt incorporates strong winter colours, especially purple which is going to be a main colour next season. Floral trousers are another way to wear winter florals:

I recently purchased these cigarette trousers from Topshop at £36 they again feature the right colours to bring in the winter trend and look lovely with a crisp white shirt or a floaty top.