Sunday, 13 May 2012

It's All About Chloe!

It's All About Chloe!

Go Chloe Green! Miss Topshop seems to have been very busy, and the result is fabulous! Her collection of shoes that are coming into Topshop very soon are a green-soled wonderland of their own, ranging from £115-£175 this stunning collection is bound to be a massive hit, already been featured in magazines such as YOU and trending on Twitter Chloe's marketing scheme seems to be working! Well you would expect it too seeing as she is heiress to the biggest fashion brand on the highstreet.

I think these pair are my favourite, at the most expensive pair in the collection they are definitely worth it! With the beautiful detail and a style that looks good with pretty much any colour, I'd say they were more of an investment than just another pair of shoes.

I know I'll be one of the first women marching down to Topshop hoping to bag a pair of these beautys for my up and coming 6th form leavers day event.

The "Green" Soles


The first thing that came into my head when I heard about the coloured soles, which I think most people will agree with, was "tacky copy of Louboutin" however when you think of the concept, it is both flattering to Mr Louboutin and Chloe's playful trademark. So I say, more power to you Chloe, you have a stylish brand and a recognisable trademark that certainly has got people talking! Good luck Chloe! 

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