Friday, 17 August 2012

16th of August: Craziest Day This Year

So as I said in one of my previous posts, yesterday was results day! It was literally the most terrifying day of my life, 2 years leading up to this one day, all the effort and hard work that goes into exams and it was finally judgement day. We could turn up to school from half 7, so naturally everyone rushed to find out their fate, I was already convinced that I wouldn't be accepted, fully expecting my grades to read CCD not allowing me to study at Manchester Metropolitan, so I cried even before I opened them (pathetic I know) but I decided not to open them in front of my friends, so I got in Calum's car with my results, still terrified! I thought it would be a good idea to check my emails just in case they had accepted me, so I could know finally, and when I opened my phone, I received this text message:

I have ever felt so relieved in my whole life! So I opened my results to find I had achieved CCC which wasn't bad but it got me in anyway! So I will be studying Fashion Buying and Merchandising in September!

We all went out to celebrate our results that night, this is what I wore:

Pink babydoll dress from Topshop, two summers ago and my brand new boots from Topshop, only £45 real leather! They are a must have and so comfortable!

After the crazy day I had, Calum said he had a surprise for me today and that I needed to be in to answer the door, so this morning these arrived:

He has been brilliant these last couple of days and this was just perfect, I love Lillies and Roses and today I am completely happy! 

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