Thursday, 20 September 2012

New Look's New Look

So because I recently got a job at New Look in the Manchester Arndale centre, I got to attend a training session last Sunday. When they told me about it all I knew was that the meeting was called "concept". But it turns out that New Look are spending £25million per year on revamping and changing the look of their stores, I got to see what the new stores will look like and I have to say, as someone who doesn't shop there that often I think I will when they change the store around.
There is already one concept store in Leeds and a few others but the one in Leeds has seen sales increase significantly (can't remember the figures exactly) everything looks more classy, with new stands for the clothes, to put them on display in trends with tables that show the accessories that you can wear with the outfits. I know I always feel like New Look looks cluttered and like it needs some TLC but with these stands, everything is spread out so that the focus is just on the clothes.
They have also spent millions on reevaluating who their customers are, they came up with 4 girls and gave them names,

Zoé- The Individual, a Zoé knows what she is looking for, wants those one off pieces and always keeps up with trends, reads Vogue instead of celeb magazines and doesn't need any assistant with her look. (I am a Zoé)

Holly- Glamorous, Holly is a real girly girl, loves to look sexy and pretty, she is friendly and loves to talk to sales assistance, loves celebrities and follows everything they wear.

Sarah- Casual, Sarah doesn't follow trends and generally just wears jeans and T-shirts, her top priority is comfort and she is always willing to take advice and she is probably looking lost as she hates shopping and sees it as a chore.

Lucy- Smart, always dressed to impress a Lucy needs to look smart, even when dressed down she wears a blazer, she likes simple styles and may be open to advice if there are new suit lines coming in.

These are the girls that they will target with this new concept, they are concentrating a lot more on trends, they put on a fashion show for us featuring some of the latest trends featured at LFW.

They are also changing their logo to something more simple, a little like this- N E W  L O O K, so watch out for the new concept stores and see what you think!


  1. Sounds great can't wait to see the new look New Looks :)

  2. Yeah take a look, ive seen the photos, look beaut! x