Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Hideously Amazing Christmas Jumpers

Sorry guys, I know I've been a bit rubbish recently, but my uni work has been weighing me down at the minute but I promise I'll be on top of it now.
This week for me it's been all about the Christmas jumpers, with it being the first month in December they have been everywhere! However there is definitely a clear winner in the battle of the sexes on the topic of horrendous but amazing Christmas jumpers! The boys seem to be loving this trend, the amount of groups of men I see with at least one of the lads sporting a festive piece, is crazy! 
So come on ladies! we need to keep up with this one! Get rid of the fashion snobbery and get in the festive spirit!
Here are some fabulous ones that you can choose from- 


This is definitely my favourite one from, they have dedicated a whole section of their website to Christmas jumpers, they are committed to this mini trend and we love it!


Now I know this one is a bit expensive but look how cute it is! Topshop have to go over the top.


Everyone loves pugs! especially ones with sequin antlers! ASOS have got it so right with this adorable statement item.

Now all of you go out and buy a Christmas jumper! Go to Primark some of theirs are so cute! They are expected to sell over 1 million Christmas jumpers this year. 

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