Sunday, 29 July 2012

London Victoria's Secret

The Angels Have Landed in London!

Now as you all know, me and my friend Georgia have an unhealthy obsession with the American underwear brand, Victoria's Secret. In one on my previous posts I stated that I would be heading down to London for the opening of their flagship store on New Bond Street on the 25th of July and soon after this post, me and Georgia booked our train tickets (at the bargain price of £6 return!) down to London for a two night stay. Then just a couple of weeks ago, Vogue posted the sad news that the opening of the flagship store ha been postponed and the new date of opening had not yet been announced. However, we found some comfort in the fact that the westfield Stratford store would still be opened on the 24th of July. So we decided to head down anyway, why waste such cheap tickets?!

We started off our stay with a trip to Brick Lane, this is a photo of Georgia enjoying a curry (she likes it spicy!)then headed back to Epsom, as we were staying with Georgia's auntie who lives there.

To be honest, the shop was amazing! However, they have obviously added a large import fee to the underwear, as the prices were a little excessive however, if you have never tried on a bra by Victoria's Secret I highly recommend it! I tried on a £55 bra and I loved it that much, that I am now in the process of saving up for it!

We decided that we are still going to go to the New Bond Street opening, so if any of you know when the date is to be announced, please let me know!

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