Monday, 16 July 2012

Swinging to the 60's

60's Obsession

After watching the captivating Karen Gillian in the short film "We'll Take Manhattan" based on the story of Jean Shrimpton and David Bailey in the 60's this morning, my obsession with 60's fashion and it's icons had surfaced yet again, the 60's is my favourite era for fashion and inspirational women. So naturally I sat at my computer, completely inspired ready to look for some 60's fashion. Turning to Topshop as i always do, they now have a collection called "Factory Girl" based on the fashion of the 60's with a modern twist.
These are my favourite picks from this collection.
The over sized tweed jacket is very similar to the ones used in Jean Shrimpton's New York shoot, it is a classic that will never go out of fashion and definitely a good investment.
The playsuit is a beautiful metallic blue that is very this season, giving a modern twist on a 60's classic.

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