Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Weekly Fashion News

Designer Pudsey Bears!

For children in need, some of the most famous designers in the world have created a bear each in the iconic style of each designer, these little mascots are cute and chic!

The beautiful Alexander McQueen Pudsey is made with cherry blossom jacquard 

Burberry's Pudsey. Made from quilted leather and suede, with it's own iconic trench coat

This Louis Vuitton Pudsey is stylish and practical as it doubles as a bag! Naturally.

This smart little Pudsey is a Paul Smith creation that is made from cashmere and wearing a bespoke suit

Prada's little leather bear is wearing the iconic Prada creepers and clothes from their collection

This trademark printed bear is of course by Vivienne Westwood and it definitely has the most character, much like Ms Westwood herself.

For more beautiful Pudsey creations go to: 
Which is your favourite? 

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