Friday, 23 November 2012

Manchester Museum of Costume

As part of my course they have advised us to go and look around museums and fashion exhibits to enhance our fashion knowledge, so last week I went to look around the second largest costume gallery in the country which is situated in Manchester next to Platt fields park. The museum was in a small stately home kind of building and all the decor was fairly simple, the paper dresses downstairs were displayed on a beautifully classic baby blue and white backdrop to intensify the elegance of the pieces. As you walked upstairs you were taken through the 20th century in glass cabinets and each one contained costumes from a different era, this was interesting to see different interpretations of these influential periods. They also had feature cabinets which showed different fashions such as embellishment and oriental. They also had a feature tribute on McQueen (shown at the bottom)


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