Monday, 26 November 2012

Top Knot-ch

Sorry about the rubbish pun, but I do write a lot about fashion and news so I thought today was a good hair day, I've been in a lecture this morning full of fashion students, so I looked around to see what cool hairstyles I could see because naturally if you're looking for street style then fashion students are the people to look at, and what I saw was a lot of tight knot buns, I've seen these a lot recently in replace of the huge messy buns.
I have thin hair so a messy bun required a lot of backcombing and these top knots seem to be the solution. 

Rocked recently by the young style queen Demi Lovato and sexy Kim Kardashian this look has trickled up from street style to celebs in the fastest time possible.

This is my interpretation of a slightly messier top knot that I have been sporting today.

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