Wednesday, 24 April 2013

ASOS Beachwear

Everyone knows that when you go on holiday looking good on the beach is imperative, the celebrities are all wearing designer swimwear and I know not everyone can afford that (especially us students) so when I think about looking for designer looking swimwear, I always look to ASOS, their swimwear has without a doubt the most varied range of products whether you are looking for something cheap and simple or some designer gear for your hols, I'd definitely recommend looking on ASOS. These are some of my favourite pieces, I am also a big believer in beach accessorising and I always find gold jewellery looks the best. 
All from ASOS:

Thanks Calum for the inspiration when I had blogger block :)

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  1. Hi Laura!
    You won my Clearasil giveaway!
    I have emailed you, so it would be great if you could reply ASAP as you only have until Monday evening.
    Lauren x