Monday, 29 April 2013

What are Hipsters?

So recently me and my friends have been having a discussion, the topic? What is a Hipster? My friend from Manchester had never even heard of it, and me and my friend from Birmingham had different opinions on what a Hipster is... Just now I was reading one of my favourite blogs fashioneditoratlarge one of the girls who run the blog has done a post about girl Hipsters and I completely agree with her! 
It seems to me that to be a Hipster you need to add these items to your life...

A beanie hat, preferably Boy London, a notorious Hipster brand.

Hair dye that resembles the colour of a troll doll.

A lot of denim, a bowler hat and t shirts with triangles on.

A friend who doesn't mind taking posing selfies of you everyday.

Hipster is not a fashion trend, it is a tribe.


  1. laura fuck off about my boy london hat!

    1. hahahahahahah totes forgot you had one!! #keeponthehype

  2. Me and my friends regularly discuss hipsters; I'm not sure where I stand on the whole 'Hipster Brand' idea. Just found your blog...I'm following! :') x Olwyn